Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Before work began.........

These photos are all from the collection of James Hodgdon Jr. They show the Roundhouse in the late 1990-2004 time era. This is before any work was done and when the building was slated for demolition. Thank you Jim for the use of the photos.

Work Session

There will be a work session on Saturday October 25, 2014. This is the last planned work session for this season. The objective is to complete the cosmetic work on Portland Terminal Snow Plow #68. If you are interested in helping out, Please contact Society President Scotty Mallett at scottymallett@gmail.com   

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Fall Update

Hello all,
              Sorry it's been quite a spell since our last update. I have been down with a bad knee all summer and other folks have been working and have had other obligations, so it has been kind of a slow summer at the Roundhouse.

Thanks to Jim and Sandra Abbott for bringing up their tractor to mow. Thanks to Doug Andrew and Cam Sargent for trimming after Jim mowed and for putting a second coat of paint on Plow #68.

Plow # 68 is now ready to receive her decals for Portland Terminal on the trackside side.

It is hoped that we will apply for a grant for MEC boxcar 35059 this year from Amherst Railway Society. Once the boxcar has been completely restored, it will become our office and archives.

We are finally in a position that we were able to have a local contractor come up and look over the Roundhouse and give us an estimate for repairs. The estimate includes the removal and replacement of all clapboard, repair of the siding itself, rebuilding of window sills. It does not include the rebuilding of the mechanical workshop behind stalls 3&4. Total of the estimate is around $68,000.00. We will be seeking grants for the total needed. Society member Brian Hebert has become our new grant writer. Currently Brian is serving with the US Air force and is stationed in Afghanistan. He will be home in November but is starting to get us ready for to apply for grants now in his spare time. Many folks have asked what our plan for the building is. We would like to see the building turned into a museum of transportation, centering around railroading through Bartlett and Crawford Notch.
That is the goal of the Society.

Special thanks to Sandra Abbott, Eric Grover, Jim Abbott, Dawn Fox and all who helped out at the tables at Conway Scenic Railroad's 2014 Railfans Weekend.

Also, special thanks to all of you who have been keeping an eye on the property.

More updates as more is accomplished. Thank You as always for your interest in the Bartlett Roundhouse!!

Scott Mallett~President BRHPS