Monday, October 27, 2014

Great News

Hi Everyone,
                     Well it's official, the following comes from Peter Michaud at the NH Division Of Historical Resources:

The State Historical Resources Council or SHRC met today and approved the Bartlett Round House for nomination to the National Register.  The nomination should be heading out later this week or at the top of next week.

Congratulations!  I will let you know when the nomination has been accepted by NPS and is listed to the NR.

Great News Indeed, a big THANK YOU to all that have supported the saving of the Roundhouse along the way!

Scotty Mallett
BRHPS President

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Before work began.........

These photos are all from the collection of James Hodgdon Jr. They show the Roundhouse in the late 1990-2004 time era. This is before any work was done and when the building was slated for demolition. Thank you Jim for the use of the photos.

Work Session

There will be a work session on Saturday October 25, 2014. This is the last planned work session for this season. The objective is to complete the cosmetic work on Portland Terminal Snow Plow #68. If you are interested in helping out, Please contact Society President Scotty Mallett at